Ghost in the Shell(code)


Just got back the other day from Melbourne and Ruxcon. Awesome and fantastic ‘con for aussies. 2 days of great talks and copious alcohol.

If you’ve had your head in the sand and not noticed, I presented a talk at Ruxcon!

My talk was based on 2 incidents that happened at work and how they stepped sideways from your normal attacks online. First was a binary delivered in an encoded form that the shellcode operates on after download to restore it to a working format. The second incident was a targeted attack in which the malware binary used shellcode as a function delivery system.

I’m looking to be able to publish the slides shortly plus the samples for the first incident for your own playing around with.

Hopefully I’ll update this again on the weekend and share more on my talk.


Slack and late update – link to the presentation is http://www.ruxcon.org.au/archive/2010-materials/ , Check out the content from the other talks while you’re there!

I have a new website in development,  http://lordparody.com which will host samples of exploits and reviews of their methods.


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